Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bad Party

Well last weekend was fun and disgusting at the same time, Well parts were fun, other parts were just, so bad that I'm trying to think of them as funny. You get what I mean? Well on Saturday my cousin decides to have a party and party's here in Argentina always need to have a drink with them. Lets just say that that got out of hand. First everyone but my brother and his novia watched a movie (Addicted to Sex I think?) After that I went to my bed because I used some mouth mash and I think I swallowed some because my stomach was killing me. When I'm done rolling around in pain and going to the bathroom everyone is in the kitchen having said drink. Well drinks. I'm still feeling sick so I'm not drinking anything and go back to my bed and go on my computer till my stomach stops killing me. That was around 2 I think. When I come back down at around 4:30 the kitchen is pretty trashed after all the drinks and everyone has had quite a bit other then me and another girl. I'm walking around the house and everyone is like, come on join the party have a drink, but I don't since I wasn't feeling good.
Then everything goes to Hell. One of the guys got pretty messed up and the other guys made him take a shower. He doesn't want to, that goes on for like 10 mins. I go to another one of the computers and then later I hear a big Crash. I go to Mauro's room where they all are and the sink is on the ground with one side of it smashed and the guys are still arguing. I tell them all the shut up and we get the sink back on the pedestal and you get what you seen above. He finally gets shoved in the shower, takes one and then one of the other people there gets sick. Lets just say the night ended with 3 people getting sick and Mauro's room just horrible and the bathroom just destroyed. And the whole house smells awful for the next day or so. Here are photos of around the house today.

And today I had school for the first time in a month and I slept in because no one else was going to school and my mom is not home. Also my house kinda just runs out of things when my mom is not here. My brother and I Agree


Anonymous said...

that's some funny shit right there brother ;-)

Anonymous said...

ah yeah that's swiss mike talking

Ann said...

What is "mouth mash"?

And what did Dad say when he got up?

Geoff said...

My dad didnt know about it for a while. then was just, indifferent. My cousin and brother gave him a little different story. i fixed that later