Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update I Guess

Well it's been 2 months since my last one so I guess I will make a new update, i'm bored right now. I've been to a few partys, gone out with my brother a lot, eatten a lot of ice cream and chocolate. I was suppose to go meet a girl for ice cream but she had to stay home today :/. Spanish is coming along, I think it's slowed down now, need to speak more. School is a pain in the ass, i'm just generally mad there. I guess its because most of the people in the class won't leave me alone, and it's not that they are being the whole, I want to be your friend, it's more of acting like a bunch of 5 year olds all the time. And the SCREAMING is just awful. But I like just about everything else other then school :P. I'm having more fun my Mauro and his friends, they go out a lot more and I meet a lot of new people. I've been on the computer a lot during the week, watching TV shows and movies and music. My hard drive is filling up fast :P Taking lots of photos, they are on Facebook, putting them on here is just difficult and annoying, uploading things to 2 different places. I guess I can put up a few.

I'm missing my school at home more, can't wait to go back, when I have too :P Missing my PS3 and my computer. I kinda miss my friends, more the ones that will not be there next year or the ones that will only have one year left next year. Worrying about college now, thinking I might have a chance at getting into Cornell. Dreaming that MIT or Stanford would be great. U of M if I didn't get into Cornell. I like Cornell, my dad went there. I have been there before and I liked the feeling of it, small but still pretty big. And a very good school. And Dad's wallet will be smoking if I go there. Thinking about what classes I have to take when I get back to get near any of those schools.

I like it here, so much more freedom. I feel better here, everyone seems to be so much nicer. It's also nice not having your real parents around, spoiling the fun :P I'm starting to notice differences between parents in the US and Argentina, but I also think I got lucky with parents that don't worry much. Me and Mauro kinda go out and do whatever we want most of the time. I like this freedom, I hope I have some when I get back.....


Anita said...

aaw sad that girl didn't meet you for ice cream! i know how that feels!!! (except with guys, although he WAS sick and wasn't allowed out!)